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Life science Service solution – RASA Life Science Informatics is a reputed Bioinformatic Lab or contract research organization, Incorporated in 2010 which supports R&D programs in life science domain. Bioinformatic CRO Lab have a solid corporate administration structure with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality, security, morals and trustworthiness. Our capacity to deliver significant value by utilizing our scientific skills, worldwide mentality and India’s cost intensity separates us as a standout amongst the most favored accomplices.

Over the last 9+ years, we have successfully worked on more than 100 of projects for clients across the globe including start-up companies, large pharma / biotech, agrochemical, chemical, nutrition and life Science institutes and industries.

Our Verticals

  • Research & Development Services: With our combined experience in Bioinformatics, Chemo-informatics, Computational drug discovery, NGS data analysis and IT with strong advisory board, RASA is set to provide premium services with technology solutions, customized product development and also training in the area of life science R & D field. 


  • Corporate Training: RASA Bioinformatic CRO Lab also believe in upgrading as per trends of the industries. We conduct training sessions in Industries to update the employees in various techniques and expertise in emerging fields. With a small investment of say 2 hours daily can help them to update their knowledge which does not even hamper their regular work.


  • Product Development:  Rasa Bioinformatic Lab provide solution in areas of conventional NGS data analysis, Drug discovery and bioinformatics like designing and optimizing virtual library, Scaffold Hopping optimization with our different algorithms and approaches. Predicting different parameter like Bioactivity, toxicity and ADME properties of drug like molecules. Lead optimization, Protein and ligand complex analysis etc.

 Our Mission is to be the best provider of innovative software solutions and services in domain of life sciences & Bioinformatics. RASA Bioinformatic CRO Lab also aim to enrich the intellectual value of the students in the specified domains by providing them state-of-the-art training.

Our Vision is to be a leading organization for providing high quality R&D, services and training in the area of life sciences .

Our Value is to take our customer satisfaction to new horizon. RASA’s employee’s actions are driven by these values :

  • * Dedication to every client’s success.
  • * Innovation that matters,for our company and for world.
  • * Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships
Drug Repositioning,drug repurposing, re-profiling, re-tasking or therapeutic switching

What RASA Do & Offer

RASA offers computational and information technology solutions to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as life science institutes and industries.RASA also provides corporate training to the companies ( Wipro ) and conducts National level practical oriented workshops in Chemo-informatics and bioinformatics comprising various participants ranging from biotechnology students, bioinformatics students, scientists to industrial persons.
RASA is a scientific Data Analytics and Knowledge based discovery Service Company with deep focus on Chemical and Life sciences. At RASA the team is poised to create revolution in chemical and life sciences domain by helping biologists and chemists from research and industries to enhance their work by using their services and products in the area of Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics.

Our Publications

We have wide range of research publications which showcases the work we have carried out for different clients and our in-house R&D in the past few years.

Our Case Studies

Our service solutions apply to different purposes such as molecular medicine,microbial genome application,agriculture, animal,comparative studies,discoveries etc.

Service Features

100% Post Service Assistance

We at RASA connect with our clients not only pre service or during service but also,after the service is delivered.

Data security

We assured highly secured data management and work environment.

Quality assurance

Our service aims at perfection and we deliver what is promised. We assure for quality assured services.

Experienced Team

Experienced portfolio management capabilities.

Service Customization

Apart from the package of services provided by us, we also customize service for our clients.

Free Services Training

We not only aim at delivering services but also provide onsite training on the services to the respective clients.

Our Achievements

Service Feedback
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Our Workflow

  • 1.


    Communicate your requirements along with your data and we will start working on the service.
  • 2.


    To finalize the steps required to successfully execute the service.
  • 3.

    Service Execution

    Start to work on the service keeping in mind the design & the data.
  • 4.

    Result Evaluation

    Generating results from the service & discussing the same so that client understand it thoroughly.

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Our Key Areas Of Life Science's Services

Bioinformatics Consultancy Services

RASA experts help you to model 3D protein structures & identify opportunities to streamline your research with genomics & proteomic data analysis.

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Services

RASA experts help you to manage, organize,analyze your any type of genomic data by using gold standard Next generation sequencing data analysis i.e NGS Data Analysis methods.

Computational Drug Discovery Services

RASA prowess in computational chemistry, structural biology, molecular modelling, simulation.

Customised Services

We at RASA understand that the research you do is innovative and novel. Innovative research needs innovative solutions.We do provide customization in our services according to your research requirement.

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