Sameer Chaudhary

Education: MSc Bioinformatics.
Experience: 12 years
Expertise:Over 12 years of experience in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics domain.He is ambitious,dynamic, dedicated and sincere research scientist having detailed research experience. Represented Systems Biology (Insilico Division) India at the International Pharma Convention held at Oxford, UK and delivered presentations to the top brass of leading players in the global Pharma and Biotech sector and generated business leads through above par presentation skills.

Key accomplishments:

He has utilized, developed and built expertise in various conventional research methods of designing, planning and execution in field of bioinformatics,Cheminformatics, drug discovery, simulation studies and NGS data analysis. Successfully concluded more than 50 research related services and prepared research reports along with technical briefs.

Co-authored in 30 publications in peer reviewed high impact factor journals (4 book chapter (submitted), 14 research papers(submitted), 10 review papers (submitted, final stage) and 7 review papers ( final editing)

Bioinformatics: Efficient in understanding bioinformatics tools, servers, software, databases for big data analysis, solving various genomics and proteomics cases using bioinformatics approach.


Next generation sequence data analysis: Understand big genomic data analysis, mutation studies, variant calling and analysis techniques, gene expression studies (RNA-Seq data analysis), DNA-protein interaction studies (ChIP-Seq analysis), Meta-genomic data analysis (QIME, MOTHUR, and MG-RAST), De novo assembly via NGS tools and Genome annotation studies.

Computer aided drug discovery: Chemo-informatics, drug discovery approaches- pharmacophore based, docking studies for protein, protein-ligand interactions.

Molecular modelling and simulation studies: Proficient in performing in-silico protein modelling with various techniques, dynamics studies of protein and protein ligand complexes via software-based approaches.


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