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Dr.Alexander Tropsha

Service Solutions For CADD Associate Dean for Pharmacoinformatics and Data Science K.H. Lee Distinguished ProfessorAdjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Professor, Computer Science,university of north carolina,USA.

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Eminence at Shobhit University,Professor of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi, Professor of Computer Engineering KSU .An educationist,a senior executive dealing with management of higher education.Acquired skills in AI,Machine learning,Bioinformatics Gurgaon, India.

Dr.Andreas Bender

Lecturer in Molecular Informatics,Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge.SynBio Fund project:Organotypic cultures as tools for functional screening of drugs to promote oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNSmyelination.

Service Solutions For CADD
Dr.Santosh Panjikar

Scientist,Monash University, Australian Synchrotron EMBL-Hamburg, EMBL-hamburg, EMBL Hamburg Friedrich Schiller University Jena,Melbourne Area, Australia

Service Solutions For CADD-Best services provided by from experts in the fieldCADD services are excellently offered at Rasa Life Sciences INFORMATICS in Pune. The company has a team of professionals who will offer you the best services in the field. They can help develop new drugs that work better using their knowledge in drug discovery and bioinformatics.
Computational methods and algorithms are used in designing and discovering new drug molecules. This allows for predicting how potential drug candidates will behave, and what their properties will be before they can be synthesized and tested in the laboratory; thus speeding up the process of drug discovery.

Rasa Life Sciences INFORMATICS Pune is experienced enough to offer CADD as an efficient solution. Various tools and techniques can be employed by them to analyze, model, simulate molecules, identify possible targets for drugs and optimize drug leads.

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