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Meet The Team


meet our team

Sapana Mehendale


Sameer Chaudhary

Chief Scientific Officer
Service Solutions For CADD

Esha Biswas

HR Associate

Sakshi Rawat

Application Scientist

Gouri Ahir

Apllication Scientist-Intern

Punnag Ghaisas

Apllication Scientist-Intern

Scientific Advisors

Service Solutions For CADD
Dr.Alexander Trosha

Service Solutions For CADD Associate Dean for Pharmacoinformatics and Data Science K.H. Lee Distinguished ProfessorAdjunct Professor, Biomedical Engineering Adjunct Professor, Computer Science,university of north carolina,USA.

meet the team

Service Solutions For CADD Eminence at Shobhit University,Professor of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi, Professor of Computer Engineering KSU .An educationist,a senior executive dealing with management of higher education.Acquired skills in AI,Machine learning,Bioinformatics Gurgaon, India.

Dr.Andreas Bender

Lecturer in Molecular Informatics,Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge.SynBio Fund project:Organotypic cultures as tools for functional screening of drugs to promote oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNSmyelination.

Service Solutions For CADD
Dr.Santosh Panjikar

Scientist,Monash University, Australian Synchrotron EMBL-Hamburg, EMBL-hamburg, EMBL Hamburg Friedrich Schiller University Jena,Melbourne Area, Australia

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Rasa Life Sciences INFORMATICS Pune boasts of a team of experts in different disciplines who can offer various bioinformatics services. They include: NGS Data Analysis, Drug discovery, molecular biology, life science software development, Computer-Aided drug discovery, Cheminformatics, In silico Drug Discovery, Next Generation Sequence Biojava, Perl /bioperl,Python/biopython genetics, biological processes and many others.

we provide after-service support for good results with their customers. With a blend of engineers from diverse backgrounds together with machine learning experts, biomedical specialists also included molecular informatics experts all managers as well as professionals from life sciences, Rasa Life Sciences INFORMATICS appears to be adequately equipped to provide reliable and high-quality bioinformatics services for its clients.

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