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Bioinformatics Service FAQs- ANS We can be reached Here or through contact US page. Client needs to fill a request form describing the service and the objectives in detail. We will process your request and be in touch with you within 3-5 working days. RASA offers free consultation for service and our technical team will conduct the same. Post the consultation, objectives and deliverables will be decided. The client needs to agree to the objectives and deliverables and will be provided the quotation on it. To begin the service, client needs to make the necessary payment as instructed.

Our charges for the services depend upon the requirements presented to us. If you want to know more about it then please enquire here to know more. We will be in touch with you.

The time required to complete a service is dependent upon the objectives needed to perform. Clients are provided with a timeline required. The services we perform are research oriented and hence we do provide an estimated timeline for completion but in case any delay happens, the time period to completion is extended. Clients are informed about the same.

Also, depending the workload and services in queue, the time required will differ. In that case as well, the clients will be informed. RASA accepts and completes the service on FIRST COME basis.

We will contact you regarding the payment details and the mode of payment. For services we take 60% payment before beginning the service and remaining 40% after the service is completed.

RASA ensures the safety and protection of your data. We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA0 if need be to ensure security of your data.

Bioinformatics Service FAQsRASA makes sure that whatever results sent to clients is error free. But in case there is an error, we assure you that we will rectify it swiftly and resend you the result. Our priority is to complete your work accurately in time bound manner. RASA is committed to uphold the quality of the work done and submitted to our clients. Clients receive Quality Assurance promise by RASA (provided on all the services we do).

RASA will provide you all the required post service assistance and support. We are here to help you understand the work done and clarify your doubts. You can reach us anytime even after your service is ended (Maximum six months post service completion).

In case where the clients need to complete additional objectives apart from the ones discussed, it would be processed as new service requirement and will be done after the original service is concluded. There will be new quotation processed for the additional objective and will be subjected to approval and payment of 60% amount before the work is started.

Before starting the work, our team will be in touch to confirm the deliverables and share with you sample reports so that client knows what to expect in reports. If any additional information needs to be included in the report, client needs to inform it before the service commences and is subjected to additional charges depending on how much data needs to be added.

Please enquire with your requirements to us and we can tell you if you are eligible for any discount.

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