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Insilico Drug Discovery
Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis
Protein modelling and simulations
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We can be reached here or through contact US page. Client needs to fill a request form describing the service and the objectives in detail. We will process your request and be in touch with you within 3-5 working days. RASA offers free consultation for service and our technical team will conduct the same. Post the consultation, objectives and deliverables will be decided. The client needs to agree to the objectives and deliverables and will be provided the quotation on it. To begin the service, client needs to make the necessary payment as instructed

We will contact you regarding the payment details and the mode of payment. For services we take 60% payment before beginning the service and remaining 40% after the service is completed.

Our Services

Drug Discovery

Computational chemistry, structural biology, molecular modelling & simulation, docking studies approaches in drug discovery.

NGS Data Analysis

Our domain experts help you to manage, organize and analyze your biological data generated by NGS methods.


Our Bioinformaticians can help you to model your operations, tools, data and identify opportunities to streamline your research.

Custom Services

We at RASA understand that the research you do is innovative and novel. Innovative research needs innovative solutions.

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