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NGS Data Analysis

Next-generation sequence data analysis: New and speedy approach for data analysis

NGS is a low-priced, speedy and high-throughput alternative to Sanger-method based DNA sequencing. It offers parallel-sequencing of millions of DNA fragments concurrently and allows an entire genome to be sequenced in a small time. NGS is basically a three-step process, namely: 1). Template preparation 2). Sequencing and imaging 3). Data analysis. All the platforms for […]

Molecular Biology


Molecular biology is the study of biomolecules like DNA, RNA and protein. The area interknits with the other areas of biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Genetics. However, Biochemistry is the study of chemical molecule and vital processes occurring in organisms. Biochemists mainly focus on role, functions and structure of biomolecule. Genetics is the study of effect […]

life science software development

Unriddle genomic codes using BioJava

Since the completion of the Human-genome project, deciphering the massive data produced becomes the primary focus of the scientist community. To analyse this data, bioinformaticians are required to develop such softwares and tools that can meet with the level of these complex data. The scalable, cross-platform, robust java framework leg-up the researchers to develop BioJava […]


Question: How to handle large amount of data?

Answer: Bioinformatics Phenomenal amount of biological data of various types used to generate everyday, which when organised properly will help researchers to better utilise their scientific potential and knowledge. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science to retrieve, analyze, store, share and manipulate biological data using computational tools and techniques. Bioinformatics finds its roots in […]


Biotechnology In today’s world, the field of Biotechnology has made tremendous impact by helping to develop various new techniques and methods in science and research. Within the 20th and 21st century Biotechnology achieved a huge breakthrough in scientific research and development. The method of using biological systems, living organisms to obtain new products or modify […]

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